Lessons of faith

Christians believe in the triune God. God consists from three persons: God Father, God Son - Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost. Each of them is a separate person but they act together in absolute harmony. (1 John.5.8). A man is sinful and between him and God there is an unbridgeable depth because God is absolutely sinless, his principle is incompatible with sin. The only way how a man can save himself is to cross over a bridge - Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ God became a man and took on Himself all people's sins - that who believe in Him is saved, deprived of sin and can cross to a holy shore to the Father. (Matt.14.25-31)
Basics of Christian faith by biblical links are written in following lessons. I tried to put into them my own thoughts (potentially sinful) as least as possible and I let to speak Bible.
Why 12 lessons? Why not, maybe. Twelve is a good number - 12 monthes, 12 hours in a day (and 12 in night - so if there is equinox today), noon, midnight, 12 apostles - simply I think it suits. And that last twelfth lesson is likewise a Judas - uncertain, unbalanced and inconsistent...

John.8.32 - truth makes free
I John.4.1-3 - how to recognice false prophets
Rev.1.8; Rev.1.11; Rev.1.18 - Alpha and Omega, the first and the last
Prov.3.5 - trust in the Lord
Rev.22.20 - I come soon

Lesson  1: Jesus
Lesson  2: Gospel
Lesson  3: Repentance
Lesson  4: Borning again
Lesson  5: Baptism
Lesson  6: Holy Ghost
Lesson  7: Prayer
Lesson  8: Blood of Jesus
Lesson  9: Position in Christ
Lesson 10: Love to God
Lesson 11: Love to people
Lesson 12: goulash, ...thus what didn't fit elsewhere


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